Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peddle stroke high and to the right

I see many people mentioning Tom's crazy peddle stroke. I don't remember how he said it happened but at some point he had broke his pelvis, I'm sure Mike will remember how. Imagine that broken pelvis and all, and he could still hammer with the best!


  1. My Dad had fallen off of a roof. He was helping one of his friends build house on the side and I guess he lost his footing. He always told me the story with a laugh and rubbed it in my face that I didn't get to ride in the ambulance.

  2. My parents always had the Swateks install our drapes and all my mom would talk about was what a nice family the Swateks are. This was probably the first thing that attracted me to Tom. I wanted to meet and know the Swatek boys and then i saw those ABS. Done deal after that. Although Tom and I parted ways. He will remain forever in my heart and in my eyes through our children. He was the best!