Thursday, January 8, 2009

from Kathy Kent

I always try to ride long on my birthday (May 29) and the weather usually cooperates. This year, JoAnn and I had been riding with Tom in May on Thursday mornings, when I mentioned my birthday ride. He was excited and wanted to go. I never asked for gifts, just that people could join me for all or some of the ride. Tom couldn't make my birthday ride because of his work schedule, but when we rode on Sunday, we brought me a pair of cute pink socks and wished me a happy birthday. As my kids get older (17 and 18 years old now), Tom and I chatted about his kids and how he deals with issues like boyfriends/girlfriends sleeping over at his house. Shrub is right. Tom always gave, mostly of his time and of generosity, never asking for anything in return.

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