Thursday, January 8, 2009

from Mark Bush (Shrub)

After getting the news, I went for a swim. I did a lot of thinking. I thought of all the great bike rides and runs with Tom. It used to drive me nuts when he always had to be a half a bike wheel in front. He was incredibly kind and generous. Always giving and never asking. Marta would always offer Tom something to eat or drink after a ride and he would always pass it up and then proceed to pull out a black banana and eat it. Used to freak me out until I tasted the toxic stuff he would mix in his water bottles. When Spencer was born, Tom upfitted a tricycle into a tri-bike with behind the saddle water cages and aero bars.

My last thought summarizes Tom to me. Although the thought revolves about a Sunday ride in heat of an August morning, it speaks volumes about Tom Swatek as a person...I remember when he went out one morning and swept all the corners for one of the Sunday rides. I am sure when we all ride together again the corners will be swept and Tom will have the new routes ready to go.

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