Thursday, January 8, 2009

from Rich Jecha (Hornet)

Speaking of Pics of Tom........ When Droo and I and Kris H were training for the Wis 03 Ironman Turbo came up to sag our ride and shoot some photo's. Tom came up with us to share a great day. Of course he was ahead of the Droo and I, with Kris, .. and those two were killing each other up ahead. Turbo Took an amazing shot of Tom on the way up the hill heading into Mt Horeb (of course all by himself ahead of all of us). Typical Tom with all his idiosyncrasies (like the finger sticking out and of course the "shit eatin grin".

I thought I had that photo and looked for it for hours last night but can't find it. I know (hope) somebody's got it. Maybe someone can get ahold of Turbo and get it from him. Could be printed poster size for his wake, everyone should be able to see this one. What say you Brad?

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