Thursday, January 8, 2009

from Michelle Sims-Lisek (Squirl #1)

Thoughts of mine that stand out about Tom (forgive the repeats:)

Whoever he was with, he enjoyed. He was a weekly regular of "Spin Flicks". A pack of us (in contrast to the Nightie Night, usually all women except him) would squeeze into my tiny basement with our trainers and spin, usually watching the latest episode of The Bachelor. I can picture Tom, shoulder to shoulder with the girls, bandana on his head, watching the TV intently and grinning at our catty commentary.

He could bake. He almost always showed up for Spin Flicks with homemade brownies or another baked good- usually still warm from the oven. One time he stopped by my house a couple hours before a cookout to bring over some of his homemade goodies. He knew he would be late to the cookout, and wanted to make sure everyone would have some brownies in case he didn't get there in time.

He particularly loved hanging out with Brad, and referred to him as "Kampy".

He swept the roads for us before training rides for IMW 2002. I know several people have already mentioned this, but I have to mention it again. I think it captures the essence of Tom. Spending his weekend morning trying to keep us all safe and riding fast.

I'm honored to have had Tom as a friend, and am heartbroken that he's gone. He's a perfect example of why I feel so lucky to have this circle of friends...

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  1. From Rich Jecha-

    Jeeze I loved giving him shit about "riding with the chicks"........ "So what's the latest on the Bachelor Tom"? and yeah, he always smiled as he "fired back". I just barely got under his skin........ but I did get to him a little.
    Fun stuff.