Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Joe Scanlon (Joecool)

I always remember how excited he got to go over to Brads house and how we would just sit there for hours talking, I am sure getting on Amy's nerves.

He never accepted anything from me or anyone else this I was always aware of, but like Mark said h gave to everyone I remember how once I said I need a hard to find part to a headset of a really old Cannondale that I could not find it anywhere.Tthe next Wednesday he had two of them and a whole lot of other weird and mismatched pieces of Cannondale parts he told me he asked a bike store on his route if they had or could get and they did have it so he got them for me and there was no charge.

I always wondered if he just took it off one of his bikes or if he drove around looking for the part.

Maybe Brad remembers this because he gave them to me at his house.

A few last thoughts.

I can still remember him at Martas funeral afterwards standing there close to Mark as we all talked afterwards. Something was very soothing to me about this. I seriously could not stop looking at him standing there. He just was ready at any given moment to do something

He knew everybodys name, he talked to everyone and was so inquisitive about what you were going race this year, how is training going....etc.....

Never a bad word came from his mouth

A true team player in the sense that there was never any smack or shit thrown around.

He was a really hard worker and even a better Dad, because he always was telling what his kids were doing.

How people like him leave early and *&^^%#)(^ live to cause more destruction does not make sense to me and never will.

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