Thursday, January 8, 2009

from Dave Irion (SuperDave)

Yep, it was a group effort; we all pitched in to buy Tom a pair of studded mountain bike tires for his 50th – brought on by that memorable night at Springbrook.

Tom was extremely tough. I don’t know how he could train as hard as he did with the job he had.

And he was extremely nice. I really appreciated his smiling face when he took time out of his day to visit me in the hospital last May.

One thing I remember about Tom (an odd memory) is how his right knee jutted out at the top of his peddle stroke! Tom was the only person I could identify on a bike 100 yards away. I think he said his leg got screwed up when he ran into someone’s open car door. He told me someone opened a car door on him just as he was passing a parked car, during a race I think! When he told me about this, it was like… these things happen.


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